May 16, 2017


The Private Cloud is here. And couldn’t be any more oxymoronic.

“Hey, I’m out of storage in my apartment so I’ll by a storage container, but I’ll store it in my apartment closet.” I’m not sure if you’ve heard of this scam yet, but its called the Private Cloud. Let’s start with the fact that cloud storage solutions are redundant, management free, encrypted and cheaper than a Lima Ultra + hard drive with limited capacity(Max 7TB). The Private Cloud ships in 6-8 weeks, has some setup, isn’t redundant, and doesn’t have disaster recovery. Please tell me one reason why loading software on my computer to share files with my devices is not as good.

Cloud storage is so cheap now it doesn’t make sense to have physical hard-drives anymore unless you’re a video editor. If you’re the type of person that would buy this, you’re more likely to get hacked than Google Drive. I think that people who buy this will forget it. Literally. It’s just another PR VC scam.